gre 6712Greek   Copper    
gre 6708Greek   Copper    
gre 6718GreekTriphon  Copper    
gre 6703Greek   Copper    
gre 6701GreekPtolemay II  Silver3 DrakhmesTyre Unique
gre 6717Greek   Copper    
gre 6714Greek   Copper    
gre 6707Greek   Copper    
gre 6704Greek   Copper    
gre 6710Greek   Copper ChalkisCleopatra's C/M 
gre 6713Greek   Copper    
gre 6715Greek   Copper    
gre 6716GreekAntioxoy   Copper    
gre 6709Greek   Copper Rhosus1st century BC with C/M 
gre 6705Greek   Copper    

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